Slates and Windows

Quite apart from the vast number of other jobs that I seem to be juggling, taking photographs becomes tricky when the weather is as inclement as it has been over the last few weeks.

In the last part of "Roof" the woodwork was completed and we awaited the start of the slating.

Because of the horrendous weather I referrred to on the 26th October the start of the slating was delayed by a week and I had already accepted the latter of 2 start dates to make sure we were ready but, of course, the windows were going to fitted on the 13th November no matter what the other delays were.

By the time the slaters first arrrived we had one week before the windows were to be fitted which was barely enough and we were then dogged by squalls and high winds making it very difficult to get the breathable membrane on the roof - remember the wind-sock!


and after

Remember the roof truss problems? The company that supplied them also made the 'mini' trusses for the dormers on the North roof but they made 45/90 degree versions. There will be those amongst you who will have spotted that the angle at the top isn't 90 degrees but is in fact 99 degrees. More firewood, but thank goodness, we had the facility to make the trusses the correct shape on site!

By now the windows were being fitted but the roof still leaked and unfortunately in several instances the membrane was fitted from the apex down but omitting the bottom strip. This had the effect of catching all the rain falling on the roof and dumping it straight on top of the windows. The warning on them cautions against prolongued exposure to high humidity - does that include waterfalls?

Eventually the slaters did manage to fit the roofing membrane right down to the eaves

just before the BBC weather forecast predicted 2 days of 26mph winds and then 2 of 35mph. I'm beginning to think I could do better than them. Here's a 35mph day.

Because it looked as if the slaters wouldn't be able to get on the roof they didn't come North on Thursday or Friday of last week so we got on with other jobs. Thanks a million Auntie!

Meanwhile running in parallel with all of this the windows were being fitted. They are Austrian and chosen because they 'look & feel' excellent but largely because they had the best thermal characteristics we could get. There is a Scandanavian based manufacturer who hinted at windows of equal performance but couldn't tell us when they would be available so we chose Internorm. I won't sully these pages with what the rejected supplier said but it is odd that there are 2 companies claiming to be the largest suppliers of high performance windows in Europe and one of them hasn't heard of the other......

Just a few views of the windows and doors - they will look better when they sills are tidied up but you get the idea.

This is the front door from outside,

and from inside - it should have been grey but we think we have resolved that without bloodshed.

and Janet's door. The 'white' bit in the right hand panel is a window on the North side.

A nice touch is that the fixed part of the window is a darker grey than the movable bit.

A nice day at Murkle ..

and a temporary mail 'delivery point' cos the track is a quagmire and the postie thinks the Queen can't afford to replace his sump. Yes that is a sledge hammer in expert hands I may add.

And finally, in case you thought I had been doing nothing for the last 3 weeks a view of the garage, NB low energy lighting,

and the very temporary fish counter manufacture and repair facilities - above the garage and one half of the the view shown in the 'roof' page.

Meanwhile I am systematically removing boxes from the garage in Castletown and putting them in the above roof space.

The 'Roofshield' is now protecting most of the house and things are beginning to dry out but, because the slaters are so far behind schedule it may be a couple of weeks before they finish and the external landscaping/drainage etc. can re-commence. By then I might be able to post better pictures of the windows and maybe, just maybe, the buzzard will have dropped in for a photo-shoot. 27th November 2006